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Celebrate the timelessly gorgeous English Damson with this ever so simple recipe for a fool!

Serves 2

1 egg white
150ml double cream
2 tbs plain or greek yogurt
1 bottle of The Best of Taste Co Damson with Sloe Gin Coulis (add more to taste )
some chopped hazelnuts to decorate

1. Using an electric hand whisk, whip the egg white until it is shiny and thick enough that when lifted, the whisk leaves a trail.
2.  Whip the cream.
3.  Beat the yogurt in a large bowl until smooth and then carefully fold in the egg white and cream.
4.  Swirl Damson with Sloe Gin Coulis through the airy mixture to taste. Serve in small bowls or glasses with the chopped nuts sprinkled over.

‘Warning this dessert contains uncooked egg’