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Undeniably one of the finest desserts around. This particular summer pudding recipe is particularly light and saucy, just the way we like things to be!

Serves 6

1 large white bread or brioche loaf (crust removed)
a small bowl of strawberries (sliced)
a small bowl of a summerberry of your choice (with sugar added to taste)
some raspberries to top with

1 bottle the Best of Taste Co Summerfruit or Blackcurrant coulis

Either make one big traditional bombe -shaped pudding or 6 individual stacks.
To make the bombe line a pudding basin with slices of bread soaked in coulis, fill with the soft fruit and cover the top with another slice of coulis- soaked bread. Weigh down with a plate overnight and turn out onto a clean plate to serve.
To make the individual stacks, slice the bread and, using a cutter, make 18 circles. Soak these circles in coulis and stack 3 of them upon one another, separated by 2 layers of the fruit, and topped with the raspberries and a further drizzle of coulis. In order to maintain an attractive shape it is worth constructing this pudding in the cutter itself and then pushing out onto the serving plate.

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