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A Delicious Festive Trifle

 Serves 4 –6 (this could also be made as a single large trifle)



1 jar Festive Jewelled Fruits in Madeira

1 packet Boudoir biscuits or Trifle sponges (broken in half)

250g Mascarpone

3 large fresh eggs (to give 3 yolks and 2 whites for the recipe)

50g Castor Sugar

100g Flaked almonds (toasted for a few minutes in the oven)


1.  Separate the eggs; put the 3 egg yolks in a medium sized bowl with the sugar; and 2 of the egg whites into a separate large mixing bowl.

2.  Use an electric whisk to bring together the egg yolks and sugar to form a light, frothy, deep-creamy coloured mousse. In another bowl beat the mascarpone to a soft creamy consistency; then beat in the egg-yolk mixture to make a creamy mousse.

3. Now use the electric whisk to bring the egg whites to a soft peak consistency. Then fold this gently into the egg yolk and mascarpone.

4. Use half the biscuits/sponges to make a trifle base in each glass. Spoon half the jar of Fruits in Madeira over the bases. Next spoon half the egg and mascarpone mixture on top. Then repeat these three steps and finally top with the toasted flaked almonds to decorate.

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